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RIAS 3rd International Grants Competition Program Closing Ceremony

23 July 2015
Автор: Administrator
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RIAS 3rd International Grants Competition Program Closing Ceremony

July 23, 2015 there was held a closing ceremony of the 3rd International Grants Competition Program at Russian Institute for Advanced Study Sholokhov University.

9 scholars participated in the 3rd International Grants Competition Program:

1. Olga M. BAZANOVA (Novosibirsk), PhD in Biological Sciences, Professor, author of innovative project "Psycho-physiological mechanisms of effective behavior. Evaluation of central, autonomous and hormonal strategies of self-control with use of computing bio-control technology" (Project "Study of physiological and psycho-genetic mechanisms of cognitive control learning");

2. Nursultan DZHUSUPOV (Uzbekistan): PhD in Philology, Associate Professor of Uzbek State World Languages University​​, a member of the Russian association of linguists-cognitologists (Project "Cognitive-stylistic approach to the study of a literary text (a case study of the English, Russian and Turkic languages)");

3. Boris A. LANIN (Moscow), PhD in Philology, Professor, author of federal Literature school text-books (Project "National Culture of Reading in a Digitalizing Society");

4. Gevorg MIRZAYAN (Moscow), PhD in Political Sciences, Institute of USA and Canada Studies RAS, press correspondent of journal "Expert" World Politics Department (Project "Arab Spring: origin, course and consequences for regional security")

5. Ratka RELICH (Croatia), PhD in Cultural Studies, (Project "Phenomenon of Shamanic Trance and Altered States of Consciousness (ASC) according to Psychoanalysis in Cultural Studies");

6. Lemara S. SELENDILI (the Crimea), Ph.D., Associate Professor Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, the President of Ukraine award holder for a series of scientific papers on the syntax of the Crimean-Tatar language (Project "Module of terminological dictionary on Philology in the structure of the Crimean-Tatar-Russian dictionary of linguistic correspondences") ;

7. Sergey TOYMENTSEV (USA), PhD in Philology, member of the American Comparative Literature Association (Project "Gilles Deleuze and Thinking Images in Russian Cinema: Transcendental Exercise of the Faculties on (Post-) Totalitarian Screen");

8. Dmitry V. CHIZHOV, PhD in Political Sciences, Member of the Russian Political Science Association, the Russian Association of Public Relations, the International Association for Volunteer Effort, an expert of political expert network "" (Project "Internet communications of Russian political parties");

9.  SÁNDOR SAJÓ (Hungary), Ph.D. in Philosophy, Associate Professor of the Institute of Theory of Arts and Media Research Eotvos Lorand University (Budapest), external expert of the International Programme EURIAS (European Institutes for Advanced Study) (Project "Almost Everything. The Dialectics of Broken Totality").


Program participants were engaged in scientific research within the framework of the their projects, wrote scientific articles and books, delivered open lectures for university students, as well as participated in the current RIAS Interdisciplinary Seminar.

At the closing ceremony, welcoming speeches were given by Chancellor Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities, PhD in Political Sciences, Professor Vladimir D. NECHAEV, Vice Chancellor for Research and Strategic Development Sholokhov University, Ph.D. in Economics Andrey A. GLAZKOV, as well as participants of previous RIAS programs: PhD in Philology, translator of a number of books and articles Ilona KISH (Hungary) and PhD in Medicine, researcher at the Laboratory for Immunopathic Disorders Institute of General Pathology and Pathophysiology RAMS, Dmitry DAVYDOV (Russia).

Wonderful words were said at the closing ceremony by RIAS guest expert in the field of cinematography, a film director, twice winner "Nika" reward Evgeny TSYMBAL: "The atmosphere here is so light, lively and creative, that you are doomed to make a Discovery."

The event was attended by a representative of the Embassy of Cuba in the Russian Federation Oscar REDONDO, as well as representatives of the Russian government departments and non-governmental institutions, universities and research institutions, members of RIAS expert board, winners of the previous Grants Competition programs.

Special warm atmosphere of the event was created by the musicians - Sholokhov University students and graduates, winners of international and Russian competitions Boris OSIPOV, Vadim EVTEEV Irina TSYGINA and saxophonist Eugene CHERNYAKOV.

Russian Institute for Advanced Study (RIAS, Eng. Russian Institute for Advanced Study) is the first Russian research institute established by the model of Institutions for Advanced Study (Institute for Advanced Study) in Europe, the USA and Great Britain.

RIAS mission is to support innovative interdisciplinary research in various areas of socio-humanitarian knowledge, as well as the synthesis of social sciences with different areas of the natural sciences and the formation of the Russian scientific community in the area of applied social sciences knowledge and engaging of the young generation into the international scientific community.

In total, 604 applications from 39 countries have been submitted to RIAS Competitions. In 2012-2015 50 researchers from 10 countries took part in RIAS Grants Competition Programs (Russia, Croatia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, the United States, Belarus, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Hungary).

List of publications by RIAS programs participants can be found here . This list is constantly updated.

Currently, under consideration there are more than 130 applications submitted by researchers from 33 countries in the framework of the 4th Grants Competition (including Greece, Armenia, Italy, Spain, USA, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania , Brazil, Australia, Belarus, Mongolia, India, China and other countries of the Globe).


For partnership and support of RIAS Grants Competition Programs please contact:
Director RIAS Ph.D. in Biology
Galina Kuznetsova

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