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LONG-LIST: The results of the peer review of applications for Research Funding Competition 2015-2016. Russian Postdoctoral Fellowships in Humanities 2015-2016, Moscow

11 August 2015
Автор: Administrator
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The results of the peer review of applications for Research Funding Competition 2015-2016. Russian Postdoctoral Fellowships in Humanities 2015-2016, Moscow

Summarizing the results of Stage 1 individual expert evaluation the following 40 applications from 14 countries (LONG LIST) are recommended for consideration by the RIAS Expert Commission (Stage 2):


Project Title



Interdisciplinary research in the field of social and humanitarian sciences

1 «7-722» Social technologies of formation of the system of students` values Igor V. Voloskov RUSSIA
2 "7-724" Anti-discrimination city concept as a contract between the humanitarian and architectural knowledge Elmira K. Naberushkina RUSSIA
3 "7-725" NKO as an institution to save / form historical memory Yelena G. Putilova RUSSIA
4 "7-735" Ruthenian identity in the Carpathian-Dniester lands. Features of development since XIV century until present day. Sergey G. Sulyak RUSSIA
5 "7-739" Historical experience of positive transformation of cultural violence in the context of globalization (Europeanisation) as exemplified by comparative analysis of the conquest of America and colonization of Siberia (the end of the XV-XVIII centuries) Karpava Alena SPAIN
6 «7-749»  Investigating the interdependencies between theory and design of digital textbooks for sustainability Elena Railean MOLDOVA
7 «7-751» Epistemic Communities and the Construction of a Region: A Study of Post-Soviet Central Asia Evgeny Troitskiy RUSSIA
8 "7-760" Analysis of etnopolitogeneza of Arabic, Hebrew, Greek and Indo-Aryan giper- ethnoses, as well as German, French and North American super- ethnoses for the purpose of verification of the numerical algorithm of etno-polito- genesis. Forecast of development of the Arabian Peninsula, as well as Israel, India, Pakistan, Greece, Germany, France and the United States Rubin G. Saifullin RUSSIA
9 "7-781" Localization of national semiosis in the texts of culture Aleksandr Lyusyi RUSSIA
10 «7-789» Contemporary European Historiography of Soviet History of the 1930s: Traditions and New Research Strategies for Central and Eastern Europe Viachaslau Menkouski BELARUS
11 «7-794» Lobbying and the Politics of Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Sergey S. Kostyaev RUSSIA
12 «7-819» A study of micro and macro factors affecting internationalisation strategies of emerging market firms Rani Neelam INDIA
13 "7-831" Polish issue and "The Big Three" in 1945: the study from the standpoint of cultural diplomacy Viktoriya Vasilenko RUSSIA
14 «7-844» The Effectiveness of R&D Tax Incentives Nina Bockova CZECH REPUBLIC


"7-850" Eurasian Integration: the humanitarian aspect (in a comparative analysis of the process of European integration) Irina S. Lomakina RUSSIA
16 "7-852" Metamorphosis of urban society in the Soviet modernization (1954 - 1984). (On materials of the Angara-Yenisei region) Natalya V. Gonina RUSSIA
17 «7-857» Analysis of the historical, philological and archaeological data with the aims of study and reconstruct the human landscape of the ancient Caucasus region by means of a complete survey of the all available scientific literature Castelluccia Manuel ITALY
18 «7-861» Ethnogenesis and cultural identity of the Early Slavs Georgios Kardaras GREECE
19 «7-862» Dichotomy in Culture. Intercultural Dialogue, Russian Symbolist Drama and Narcissism Yozha Dierd Zoltan HUNGARY
20 "7-924" Science, education and innovation as key factors and drivers of sustainable development: best experience and prospects for resource regions of Siberia

Aleksandr N. Sorokin

21 «7-926» Grey zones – the application of international law in areas out of the effective control of the State Berkes Antal HUNGARY

 Social computing research and other fields of synthesis of social and humanitarian and computing sciences

22 "7-746" The discourse of the World Wide Web in politics and political science Sergey S. Shirin RUSSIA
23 "7-787" Internet communication as a factor of preservation of traditional culture of indigenous peoples of the Far East Russia Anna Akhmetova


24 7-840» Information Security Problems in Educational Applications of Cloud and Mobile Technologies Gevorg Margarov


 Cognitive and neurosciences, experimental psychology

25 "7-799" Modeling of the dynamics of the cognitive processes in ensembles of interacting mental objects classical and quantum dynamical systems

Ansar R. Safin

26 "7-855" Child's attachment to the mother: aspects of the norm and of violations Yelena Kuftyak


 Research in the field of ecology

27 "7-792" Modern ecosystem diversity and mapping of forests of the Moscow region and the territory of the new Moscow Tatiana Chernenkova RUSSIA
28 "7-796" Geo-ecological estimation of dangerous natural and man-made processes in the floodplain and channel complex of watercourse (by the example of river Belaya in the Republic of Bashkortostan) Elvira V. Nafikova RUSSIA
29 "7-854" Ants in recreational forests: monitoring, protection, use

Aleksei V. Gilyov

30 "7-863" The impact of environmental factors on the molecular-genetic markers of the body Milyausha Ya. Ibragimova RUSSIA
31 "7-910" Snow cover as an indicator of environmental pollution Enkhzhargal Buyandelger MONGOLIA
32 «7-920» Cooperation and the herder households’ making decisions about stocking rates in the rangeland regions of northern China Yanting Yin CHINA

 Linguistic research

33 "7-812" Cognitive-discursive  modelling of involvement in terms of rhetorical criticism Pavel A. Katyshev RUSSIA

 Research in the field of the synthesis of sciences and art

34 "7-784" Archetypal forms in the design: the peculiarities of perception, impact and use in designing of humane habitat

Tatiana Yu. Bystrova


35 7-823 "Writing a book Andrei Tarkovsky "Birth of Stalker "and a series of articles about Andrei Tarkovsky Evgenii V. Tsymbal RUSSIA

 Research in different fields of humanities

36 "7-738" Formation of spiritual-moral and socio-cultural values through visual images of communication design Evgeniya Shelestova RUSSIA
37 «7-764» Arms dealers and international politics Andrei Miroiu ROMANIA
38 «7-814» Challenges to the sociological models of cosmopolitan realism Thomas Mical USA
39 "7-822" Values Conceptosphere of Generation Z in the Russian society: semiological approach Z-Generation in Russian Society and its Conceptoshere

Irina S. Artyukhova


40 "7-827" Development of theoretical and practical bases of technology forecasting of social and historical phenomena (chronological constants, and event-indicators in socio-historical discourse) Leonid D. Petryakov RUSSIA


12 - 20 applications (SHORT LIST) for granting by the Russian Institute of Advanced Studies for a period of 3, 6 and 10 months are to be selected out of the total number of applications included in the long list on the 2nd stage through interviewing the applicants and session of the Selection Panel.

ATTENTION long list applicants:

Unfortunately, given the complex process of merger of the two universities Sholokhov University and Moscow State Pedagogical University – at the current stage, RIAS authority decided to postpone the Selection Panel session at a later date. Date of the session is to be determined later. Timing of grants are to be shifted, accordingly.


Attention authors, who have already participated in the RIAS programs: the second allocation of RIAS grants is possible not earlier 1 year after successful completing of the previous RIAS program and only subject to the grant-holders  who have fulfilled all obligations defined for the participants of the program in accordance with the terms of granting (publications, participation in RIAS seminars, delivering of public lectures course).

The total number of applications for 2015-2016 Grant Financing Contest to support scientific research held by the Russian Institute for Advanced Study  Sholokhov University: 132 applications by applicants from 33 countries.


Distribution of applications in areas shown in the chart below:


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