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Scientific Seminar "The Cognitive Literary Stylistics"

30 January 2015
Автор: Administrator
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Scientific Seminar "The Cognitive Literary Stylistics"

January 30, 2015 there was held Scientific Seminar "The Cognitive Literary Stylistics: Monolingual and Poly-lingual Aspects" as part of the international scientific program of the Russian Institute for Advanced Research Sholokhov University.

A presentation was made by Dzhusupov Nursultan Makhanbet uly – a participant of the Third International Scientific Program Sholokhov University, a senior researcher  RIAS Sholokhov University, a member of the All-Russian association of linguists-cognitologists; PhD in Philology, Associate Professor Department of English Stylistics of  World Languages Uzbek State University.

In the course of the workshop there were discussed topical theoretical and practical issues, the current state and prospects of development of cognitive stylistics in monolingual and poly-lyngual aspects.

During the discussion, scientific experts - leading linguists-researchers - made individual presentations and reports on issues of the Seminar, made a review and analysis of the current status and trends of linguo-stylistics analysis of text and discourse studies, rated the degree of effectiveness of the research in this area and identified the prospects for their further development.

The Seminar was attended by both local and foreign experts in the field of cognitive linguistics, comparative linguistics and stylistics of the text:

 Valentina A. Maslova (PhD in Philology, Professor Department of General and Russian Linguistics Vitebsk State University (Vitebsk, Belarus). A leading expert in the field of Cultural Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics, Poetics of Literary Text. The author of a number of monographs, textbooks and manuals on important areas of modern linguistics, which are widely used in the educational process of higher educational institutions of the CIS countries)

Elena A. Krasina (PhD in Philology, Professor Department of General and Russian Linguistics Faculty of Philology in Peoples' Friendship University, the Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council D212.203.15, Deputy Resp. Editor of the Bulletin of Peoples' Friendship University "Theory of Language Series. Semantics. Semiotics”. A leading expert in the field of syntax, semantics of text and discourse, linguistic pragmatics, theory of speech acts)

Zoya G. Proshina (Doctor of Philology, Professor Department of Theory of Teaching Foreign Languages ​​Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Area Studies Lomonosov Moscow State University, Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council K 212.056.01 in Philology, member of the editorial board of the international journal "World Englishes" (Oxford, Boston) and "The Journal of Asia TEFL" (Seoul). A leading expert in the field of lingua-contactology, intercultural communication, translation)

Uldanay M. Bakhtikireeva (PhD in Philology, Professor Department of Russian Language and Intercultural Communication Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Peoples' Friendship University. The scientific editor of the journal "Philology (Scientific Reports of Higher School)", member of the International Association of World Englishes (IAWE), a leading expert in the field of bilingualism, lingua-contactology, comparative linguistics and theory of translation).



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